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short sale rosevilleHere’s great encouragement for those of you with Bank of America or old Countywide Loans. If you are interested in a Granite Bay short sale and qualify, Granite Bay short sale specialists like myself are now getting Bank of America short sales approved in as little as 30 days – sometimes less. A recent short sale we completed included a family who had had an income reduction for sure but the true hardship was the property was now worth 50% of what they paid for the home in 2005 and like many; their expenses had increased over the years.

We spent about 6 weeks, which is 2 weeks longer than normal for us, to find a qualified buyer. Part of the additional time to find the buyer was that this was a $700,000 property. Had it been a $150,000 – $250,000 dollar home we would have had buyers in less than 2 weeks.

Once we had qualified the buyer and all parties agreed to the counter offer we submitted what we refer to as a “perfect Granite Bay short sale package”. When we say “perfect” we refer to a Granite Bay short sale package so complete that the negotiator does not need to ask us for anything else – everything they need to determine the sellers qualifications are at their fingertips.

With the “perfect” package in hand, our Bank of America negotiator ordered the appraisal right away. Because we understand what the banks are willing to accept we had no problem getting the correct value for the property. We were not at the top of the areas values but we certainly were not way under fair market value either.

With value in hand and all seller qualifications met our last task was to negotiate with the third lien – yes they had a first, second and third lienholder on the property. We have successfully negotiated 3rds on properties from $70,000 to this one at $700,000 and all in between. With approvals from all three lienholders we closed and enabled another family to get a fresh start financially.

When you hear the horrors of Granite Bay short sales never getting approved or taking years to do so, keep this story in mind. Our typical submission to approval time is 42 days with a 97% success rate as compared to the national average of 90 days and 40% success rate. The moral of the story – know your options and if a Granite Bay short sale is right for you know there is a difference when choosing a Granite Bay short sale agent. To get a better idea of when your Granite Bay home will be worth what you owe, log in to for a free estimate or call me today for a free no obligation consultation. Call me today and sleep better tonight; you’ll be glad you did.

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