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          Have you ever delayed getting a problem fixed around your house?  What were your reasons?  One huge factor causing people to procrastinate is uneasiness.  Having or suspecting mold in your home seems to be the type of problem that creates questions, doubts, and concerns that lead homeowners to feel immobile and avoid taking the action that’s needed to find solutions to their mold problems.  One fallacy about mold is that it won’t happen if your home is clean.  Just as most of us would avoid telling neighbors the house has roaches, some feel ashamed to admit they have a mold problem.  This is where a little education can help.  Mold can happen to anyone.  It may have been present when your house was built or before you moved in.  It can occur anywhere if there is moisture or high humidity, the right temperature, air, mold spores, and something for it to feed on, and it can feed on many different types of materials within your home, outside your home, and inside the walls of your home.  Talking with a certified mold inspector can allay your doubts about how the mold arrived and what will be necessary to treat it.

 Another discomforting thought about mold is that it may require mass destruction to find or remove it.  However, today qualified mold inspectors usually use a thermal imaging camera, which is totally unobtrusive, to detect mold within walls.  Mold removal methods and procedures have been improved as well, and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulates the materials that can be used in mold clean-ups and requires that they be nontoxic.  Since mold spores travel through the air, parts of your home that have mold may need to be sealed off so that the mold spores can’t travel and spores in the air can be removed, but closing off the area is a relatively simple process usually requiring only plastic sheeting and duct tape.  You should be free to remain in any other part of the home while this is being done, and after a few days of treatment most mold problems should be solved.   If the spores have gone air borne and spread into the rest of the house, the home may need to be evacuated until the problem has been remediated. These are extreme cases, but they can and do happen. Of course, any reliable mold remediation company should remove unsightly, rotten, or mold-covered refuse before they leave to ensure the area is allergen free.

A few last details may help you get moving if you suspect mold.  One thing to remember is that the mold problem will only get worse if it’s left untreated, and this could lead to further destruction of your property and additional dangers to your health.  Think about it like this. If your car has a transmission leak, most people want to fix that because they can’t afford to be without a car, and are aware of the long term risks associated with a simple leak. Can you afford to be without your home? Also, be sure to check out the credentials of the person or business you select to handle your mold inspection.  They should be certified, reputable, experienced, and open to your questions.  They should be able to eliminate most of the uneasiness you feel about having and treating a mold problem.  Talk with some of their patrons, get a written estimate before they begin work, and do whatever’s necessary to reassure yourself and feel comfortable as your project begins.

Call David Snell about your questions and get to know him.  He has been in business since 1987 and he will be more than happy to talk and listen to you about your concerns and answer your questions.  Give David Snell a gingle!  Give David Snell and ring on the telephone and he will assist you with any questions you may have.

Should I mention that David Snell is very passionate about Mold Inspections and Mold Removal!  He wants to help anyone,  who needs assistance.  David Snell is the owner and operator of the company!  When you want personalized service, call David!




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