Home Prices in Yorba Linda Going Up? June 21, 2012

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5650 Via Ceresa Yorba Linda Homes with Nic Petrossi

5650 Via Ceresa, Horse Property in West Yorba Linda 92886 listed with Nic Petrossi.  This home was sold in 1 week with over 100 parties coming through Open House in one weekend.  The key?  Online presence, tons of open house signs, and a market ripe with buyers.  Click on photo above to see more photos of Via Ceresa.

You've been reading in the newspapers and watching the news.  You know that home values are going to drop forever...right???


Home values will, eventually, go up.  What goes down...must come ____


For West Yorba Linda Homes (92886), here are the numbers:


ACTIVE HOMES on the market:     115 homes

HOMES IN ESCROW:   122 homes

Percentage of total homes on market vs. homes in escrow:  52%


   Analysis:   WOW....that means 52% of ALL single family homes in West Yorba Linda are under contract, OVER HALF!

I remember running these same numbers back in 2007.  The percentage was more like 20% if it was a good day.  Homes are selling in West Yorba Linda.  Why?  Because there are buyers out there BUYING.  Believe it or not, Realtors in Yorba Linda are reporting multiple offers on properties and, often, the home selling for ABOVE list price.

That means......we are in a SELLER'S MARKET.   We haven't seen a seller's market in West Yorba Linda since 2006!  Couple that with low interest rates, and then couple that again with less short sales than we have seen in years....the future doesn't look all that bad.

So, stop listening to the negativity, stop listening to people who say we're prime for a "double dip" recession or a repeat stock market crash of 2008.   As far as homes in Yorba Linda 92886 go, the future looks bright.


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