Renting vs. Buying can be a challenging decision!

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Hey Everybody,

I saw a great article written by RIS Media this morning that discusses the old question of Renting vs. Buying a home.  Here's a link to the article:

I think it does a nice job discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both choices, rather than being the typical real estate agent's big push to buy.

The reasons to buy in today's market are pretty obvious...  Low prices, fantastic rates, the bottom of the market has clearly come and gone, etc...  However, there are some good reasons for a person to rent as well.  Can you afford the mortgage payment?  Do you expect to re-locate within the next 3 years?  These are important things to consider as well.

Anyway, enjoy the article!  If you decide that this is the right time to buy, please give me a call so we can get things going!!


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