Energy Audits in Reno might be dying off due to the summers heat.

Home Inspector with Certified Structure Inspector IOS #1730, EA #30

Energy Audits in Reno might be dying off due to the summers heat but Energy Auditors like myself know that just because the cold weather is gone for now the chill of winter will return shortly. Home buyers in summer often forget to think about the cost of heating a home in the winter. The sticker shock of a high utility bill can really put a burden on a home buyer especially in older less efficient homes.

Many home buyers fell mislead and taken when they buy an energy hog of a house. These homes are often less comfortable and need more maintenance. As a Real Estate agent here in Reno you are aware of these types of houses but maybe the buyer isn’t. The issues are often not fully addressed in a Home Inspection unless your inspector is educated in this area like I am.

What can be done? You don’t want to sell people a house they are not happy with. The best thing you can do for a buyer of an older home is get them involved with the Energy Efficient Mortgage. These allow the financing of energy retrofits upfront at purchase with no additional qualifying and the loan amount can be over appraised value.

The home will require an Energy Audit before closing and then a weatherization contractor will make recommendations and a bid. This allows the money to be held till the contractor finishes the retrofit. Make sure your contractor is hiring a third party Energy Auditor to do the initial audit and a test out audit to prove the work was done properly and the results promised are a reality.

If your in need of more information about getting an Energy Audit in Reno or what Agnets and Lenders do the Energy Efficient Mortgage in Reno contact me. 

If your in real estate and might want to take a class to get more education read my other blog post.

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