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Arizona Short Sales - It's Easy at AzEasyShortSale.com

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Every single homeowner I've talked to about Arizona short sales has had a lot of questions.  I built AzEasyShortSale.com to take care of all these questions and make the short sale process easy for the homeowner.  My video Arizona short sales is an introduction to the website and lists the main topics that homeowners ask about.  The site has 8 Arizona short sale videos and over a dozen pages of information about short sales.

A checklist and all the Arizona short sale forms you need to start your short sale are provided.  Just print the forms, fill 'em out and gather the other documents listed on the checklist and the bulk of your work for a short sale is done.  It's that easy at AzEasyShortSale.com.  Just give all the information to your realtor and they will take care of pushing the short sale approval through the bank.  It's that simple in concept.  In reality, it usually takes a ton of follow-up on your realtor's part.  But it's not rocket science.

And in Arizona I recommend never paying a fee to the person negotiating your short sale.  If they are not an attorney there's a good chance they are a scammer!  I met one elderly Phoenix couple in April who gave a guy $2,000 and never saw him again.  So be careful and make sure you check out whoever you decide to trust with this important role.

Take care and best of luck.