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Home Inspector

 Value and Condition go hand and hand just as faith and works. I could never understand why a mandatory appraisal would not involve a home inspection also. The average home inspection will approximately cost the investors one tenth of one percent of the total value of the house. The value of the house is usually determined by local comparisons, growth, surrounding area's etc.

 If the house is in a good area and has a great curb appeal with just a few visible deficiencies, why not buy it?  After all, the bank appraised it at a higher than market value. How many more problems are going to effect the buyer five years from now with outdated appliances and other overlooked deficiencies?

 The objective opinion of a home inspector can take a more thorough observation and recognize the life expectancies of possible failing components. The house of interest could have a much better selling point and a more satisfied buyer with a home inspection. There are many potential clients that may not understand how thorough an inspection is. The typical home inspection takes 2-3 hours.

 There are some inspectors that present the report at the time of the inspection. I take approximately another three hours on the reports.  I also include digital photography in all of my reports to help visualize defects as well as assets. At Smart Move Home Inspection LLC we take as much time as necessary to give you a more concise report that could be useful for many years to come.  

 The value of a house cannot be completely known without knowing the condition of the house.  The expenses that you pay within the first five years of your purchase date will add to the total cost of your investment.  In the interest of everyone involved, get a home inspection.

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