Los Angeles Short Sales – Can I Short Sale My Silver Lake ?

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By now, the term “short sale” is part of the common vocabulary, but if you’re not sure exactly what that means, please read the post: What buyers and sellers should know about Los Angeles short sales. If you have been asking ‘Can I sell my Silver Lake home as a short sale”, read on!

If you’re upside down, you’re not alone…

Most homeowners who purchased in Silver Lake during the height of the market now owe more on their mortgage than the house will bring in today’s market. In many cases, the difference is dramatic. But simply owing more than your Silver Lake home is worth today doesn’t qualify you for a short sale.Each lender has its own standards for determining whether or not they’ll approve you for a short sale. Primarily, you must prove some kind of hardship. If you have the means to continue making your mortgage payments, your lender will expect you to do so. House Exterior 300x219 Los Angeles Short Sales  – Can I sell my Silver Lake home as a short sale?

So what constitutes a verifiable hardship?  Read the rest of the article here:

Jenny Durling Silver Lake Realtor Los Angeles Short Sales  – Can I sell my Silver Lake home as a short sale?

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Hi Jenny:  Your Los Angeles Short Sale articles will be really helpful for those seeking answers to some of these difficult questions.

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Hi Jane - I hope you are right about that. So, have you tried that roasted garlic oil?! LOL! I think I'm going to go make some popcorn!!

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