Arizona HAFA Program Short Sales Are Faster

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Arizona HAFA ProgramArizona HAFA Program short sales are faster and smoother than other types of short sales.  The appraisal is ordered up front and the short sale can be pre-approved in as fast as a month.  Last week I got my Scottsdale short sale approval for HAFA and the week before that I received HAFA approval for a Gilbert short sale.  Because the government program specifies strict ressponse deadlines for the mortgage servicers, who receive incentives for doing HAFA short sales, the process is relatively smooth.  Once you have pre-approval the bank is required to respond to any offer within 10 business days.

I have had great success with the HAFA Program this year with more than half of my short sales qualifying for HAFA.  Homeowners typically receive $3,000 for doing an Arizona HAFA Program short sale but more is possible.  Bank of America announced on May 15, 2012, they will pay up to $30,000 for a HAFA short sale.  Click HAFA Program Bank of America to see the video.  Click here for a video HAFA Program Benefits and Qualifications.  If you prefer a written list go to HAFA Program Benefits and Qualifications.

The Arizona HAFA Program is a fantastic program because it has great benefits for the homeowner and it's also the smoothest type of short sale to get approved.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me or go to

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