Do you "really" want to help a Veteran?

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well do ya? or are you just going to wave your flags, put on a nice shirt, maybe with an eagle or something on it, and leave actually helping Veterans acquire homes to someone else. You may disagree, and you may argue with me, but I am thoroughly convinced that

there are many Veterans who could buy a home for themselves and/or their families, and want to buy a home, but will only be able to do so by using their VA benefit, which is referred to as an entitlement.

In this particular case their entitlement is earned.


If you are a Realtor, or a Loan Officer have you ever help a Veteran acquire a home with their VA entitlement. That would be a home purchased with a VA loan?

If not, why not? there are no acceptable excuses, but go ahead anyway, maybe it will make you feel better.

I live in Southwest Florida, and here's what the VA concentration is here. I acquired this info from US Congressman Connie Mack's website;

Southwest Florida has the fourth largest Veterans population in the country.

He goes on to say;

"We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the brave men and women of the armed services who have answered the call to defend our nation and our freedom at home and abroad. That's why I'm fighting to make sure America keeps its promises to our Veterans."

Fight harder Connie, fight harder!

I have done a fair amount of VA loans, and I have over 30 years of experienced doing them, but I don't believe we are even scratching the surface.

Just for you who are unaware, here's some of the parameters;

100% financing/no downpayment

620 minimum credit score

seller can assist/pay closing costs

Seems pretty good doesn't it? Try this on for size.

In most cases a Disabled Veteran (10% I believe) does not have to pay a funding fee. That means there is no type of mortgage insurance whatsoever.

Okay, here's what I'm suggesting, for starters;

Every Realtor, and Loan Officer has to reach out and help a Veteran and/or their family acquire a home, if they so desire.

Don't wait for them to come to you, seek them out, explain their options to them, assist them in finding a quality home, that they can afford.

No excuses now, get started.

If you decide for some reason you don't want to, or you're not going to, than once again I must ask

do you really want to help a Veteran?






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