Five Smart Investments for selling your place

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Create space and light.
People buy places that have space and light. Even if you don't have much of it, you can create the illusion of having it with a few small investments. One quick affordable way to create a "light" and airy feel is to apply fresh, neutral paint on the walls in every room. This will make your  space look and smell great!

To create the feel of "spaciousness," even in a small space, make sure you remove anything from the floor that isn't a piece of furniture. Whether you get a storage facility, donate items to charity or ask a friend for help storing boxes, get "non-furniture items" off of the floor and out of the living space!

By updating paint on all of the walls, and removing unnecessary floor clutter, you create a light and spacious environment, which is vital to successful selling.

Invest in good windows.
Energy efficiency is very important to most buyers these days, so they are looking at exposures and windows. Insulated windows are always a plus and they typically pay for themselves within five years.

Think green and landscape.
Mature trees are worth a mint, while having outdoor spaces with pergolas, garden swings and well maintained fences and hardscape create tremendous appeal. You don't have to spend a fortune to create an inviting look with your landscape.

Plan ahead and buy small plants and trees that you know will grow quickly. It helps keep things affordable and creates a "move-in ready" feel for most buyers.

Buy or build storage options.
Whether it's built-in, free standing or attached to the ceiling in the garage, nothing beats an abundance of storage. An oversized garage can be invaluable to some buyers that lead active lifestyles. If you don't have an attached garage, carve out some attic space, create storage under stairways when possible and make the most of any closets by adding shelving upwards and downwards. If you have a two-car garage, leave extra space open for your home showings , to ensure the appearance that there is a place for everything; like those things we all have, including bicycles, mowers, snow blowers or shovels. Storage is important to most people, so a little bit will go a long way in making a positive impression.

Finish basements and add built-ins.
Finished basements look great and add value. Ten years ago, nobody cared about a finished basement but now everybody wants one. Obviously, basements are not available in all parts of the United States but where you find basements, you will discover buyers that want them finished.

In the areas of our country where basements are not an option, built in furniture is in demand! Buyers want built-in's for computers, television sets, stereos, kitchen storage and books. Nearly any type of built-in is desirable to a prospective buyer and such features provide a good return on investment for sellers.

Happy house selling & buying this holiday season and best wishes for a prosperous new year.

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