I love the Real Estate business-but.....

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Reasons that I love the Real Estate business: 

  1. We moved 21 times before I turned 18!
  2. Mom loved taking us to "get decorating ideas" at the new home developments-4 wild and crazy little kids-sorry guys-I'm paying that one back now!
  3. My Grandmother insisted that my Grandfather build her a house before she would agree to marry him. That house has a history of stories and I got to live in it and hear those stories as a small child too.
  4. I was 8 before we stayed in one place long enough for me to make friends outside of my immediate siblings! (Thank you to Motorola! Who sent my Dad to Phoenix for 8 years)
  5. As an Agent today, I get to help so many families who are in crisis many times and They don't know what to do to get out of it.
  6. As a RE/MAX Associates of Dallas owner, I am priviledged to work with the best REALTORS in North Texas-Bar none!
  7. It's not that I have never had another career, there have been several but, I like many, found myself lured into Real Estate: First in Florida where I still hold a Brokers license and then in Texas.

I came out of the Cellular industry at the Carrier level and I loved that wildly technical aspect of that field it was so new and exciting at the time to be on the cutting edge of changing the country from a technical standpoint. I admit that moving into real estate in the last part of the 1980's was a culture shock. The computer systems hadn't evolved near where they are today and there were no thoughts about the social capacity that we can enjoy now. We not only had to enter the field abbreviation but, the from and to in the data areas, creating our own search strings to get data that could be used to show property. We still picked up keys and returned them during a showing outing. Thank heaven the gas costs were a lot less then.  We did have fax machines-small blessings and we still have them today-funny how that machine survived. My faxes can end up in my e-mail though these days-I quite like having a cloud mentality. (It's not the same thing as having your head in the clouds) I like being able to forward by e-mail or text. I also like that  anything that needs to be at my fingertips: is!  Real Estate technology really rocks for us right now too. Every day we have a new way to market listings or find Buyers. It is exciting to read my e-mail as many agents who are in my office and those who are old friends send me great new ideas about marketing homes and finding those who want to buy a home in North Texas.

Every day brings a challenge and some days bring transactions that were sure to close according to the lender-crashing into a wall but, as a REALTOR, working the way we do-we don't go to bed until the tide had turned as far as we can push it for our clients, to set the next day on a more positive note for their benefit. I'm not unique in that drive-I know others who will hear what I heard last night-"Mom-I haven't had any time with you tonight"-I looked at the clock, finished one last e-mail and closed the computer (office) for the day. Some things are just more important and kids are. She was right and it was past time for me to get a cuddle and a big smile as she remembered that she is the most important thing in life!

Folks you may love this business too but, it is a better life if you keep your priorites straight!

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