New Home Building Creates Tampa Bay Jobs, Strengthening The Economy

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By Lana Bingham

Besides the smell of fresh paint and the appeal of custom finishes and unused appliances, there are various economic benefits related to a new home purchase. A great deal of time, effort and manpower goes into building a custom home. As new homes are on the rise, they require a wide variety of skilled labor needed for home planning, design and construction. How are Tampa builders making a direct impact on our economy?

Labor - Every Tampa custom builder knows that building a home demands a tight schedule of workflow. From site prep to masonry to plumbing to appliance installation, many local companies take part in the building and maintaining of a new home. Rick Dibenedetto, owner of Badger Construction in Tampa, reported that, “Things are growing here again.” With the recent increase in new home purchases, they have seen an upsurge in labor requests, resulting in more jobs.

Materials/Supplies - PROBuild, a building materials and supply company with offices throughout Florida, has noticed a significant improvement in business. According to sales representative Paula Reardon, “We are very encouraged by the optimism we are seeing and hearing from our Builders. It's great to experience the impact this positive outlook is having on our business. We hope the recent momentum continues. This will allow us, as well as everyone in the industry, to continue to put people back to work!”

Products/Installation - New homes Tampa Bay require a great deal of products and installation services. International Granite and Stone, a stone and tile distributor, receives tons of business from new home builders Tampa, specifically from the custom home market niche. The flooring industry is also considerably affected by home building. Jennifer Petitt, Co-owner of Exclusive Flooring in Tampa says, “Most of our jobs come from Tampa area home builders, so we rely significantly on the sale of new homes in order to make ends meet in our business. The more homes being built the more flooring we can provide and install. This benefits the company owners, sales representatives, flooring installers and subcontractors. We feel that building new homes is the key to rebuilding the economy.”

Other industries affected by home building include real estate, architecture, engineering, financing, and insurance. Local moving companies and home furniture stores can also hold Tampa builders responsible for an increase in company growth and profit.

In an effort to create more jobs nationally, the Made in America Movement encourages builders across the country to use products made only in the U.S. From nails to plywood to thermostat wiring, an entire house can be constructed this way. Moen faucets and Sherwin Williams paint are a few well-known brands included on the red, white and blue bandwagon. View the full list of products here.

New homes are popping up all over Tampa Bay, creating jobs and strengthening our economy. A custom home offers customers lot options, selection choices, warranty protection, and a brand new home perfectly designed to fit the needs of their family. Why buy old when you can build new? Build a new home, re-build the economy.

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Home building is a job in which various types of work have to be done and it requires professional at these levels. So it create a great job opportunities. So being a professional in this level offers great career opportunity.

Aug 24, 2012 07:28 PM