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What's the Big Deal about Title Insurance

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What's the Big Deal about Title Insurance

I just read an Article by The Biltmore Letter that reminded me, again, why it's so important to read the Title Report AND get Title Insurance. It's a very informative article. Here is the Clif-Notes version.


1. Person selling the property actually owns the property.

2. Spelling of the owner's names and if middle name or initial was used. Check every letter!

3. Any other owners, or a spouse (or ex-spouse) on the deed.

4. ANY other parties with an interest in the property.

5. Any liens, judgments and mortgages against the property that the seller did not disclose.

6. Loan balance on all loans on the property, including pre-payment penalties and balloon payments.

7. Property taxes  paid and up-to-date. VERY important...the most senior lien against the property.

8. Any HOA and are the dues current. 

9. If Title checks out... good to go.

10 Get Title Insurance at time of closing... cheap and only get one chance at closing to get it.

11 Lender will require you to pay for LENDER's POLICY but you need to get an OWNER'S Title Policy.

12 It covers the time you own the property AND protects you after you sell it , for the rest of your life!

13 If a problem does arise, it could be a huge legal battle.

With Title Insurance, the Title company will take care of everything for you.

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