Your Home Office Putting You to Sleep?

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With the amount of people working out of their homes nowadays, the home office is often a priority with home buyers and depending on the amount of time spent 'at work', this room should contain a few key features. 

 First and foremost is paint colour - keep it neutral.  A home office should be warm and inviting and should not distract from the task at hand.  For some reason, I seem to see a lot of blue in the home office.  This being a cool colour may be the reason why your paperwork accompanies you to other rooms in the house! 

 The floor plans of the traditional Georgian style homes often displays the home office as one of the first rooms viewed as you enter.  Storage should be ample.  Built in bookcases are great features.  Proper lighting is a must and of course electrical outlets available for computer, printer, fax, etc.  I have seen electrical cords running across the room to an outlet and this is a disaster waiting to happen.   Adding a few decorative features creates interest.  Perhaps fresh florals on the desk and pops of colour on the bookshelves, staying away from knick knacks and personal family pictures.

 As a Real Estate Stager, I have seen work stations set up in just about every room in the house.  From dining rooms to kitchens to master bedrooms but until recently I had not experienced the reverse.  I was called in to consult on a estate country home.  Upon entering the home, to the right I found the home office.  Beautiful built in oak bookcases with computer access, but in the middle of the room - a bed.  Child's' posters on the wall and stuffed animals on the bookshelves.  Where was the home office?  Stuffed into a corner of the living room, electrical cords running everywhere and piles of paperwork on the desk.  Of course this was a no-brainer and the home office was converted back to its intended purpose.  What a difference!  This puts new meaning to 'Is your home office putting you to sleep? 

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Sana Solanki
Kingsway Real Estate - Brampton, ON

Hi, as real estate agents we seem to see it all and understand the importance of home staging and conclude every home needs a stager.  I will surely provide your details next time somebody wants to use the services of a Stager.

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