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One of the most preventable and treatable cancers. Please get tested.

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OK, some or all of you may not appreciate my sharing this with you, but like Katie Couric, I'm on a mission.  I had my first colonoscopy today.  Absolute piece of cake!  I did everything the instructions told me to do, including eating light Wednesday, the day before I started the cleanse.  Yesterday I was only allowed to drink clear liquids.  At 2:00 pm I drank the special drink along with four pills that would begin the process.  From that point, I had to remain near the bathroom.  I expected terrible cramping (because everyone told me the cleanse was "horrible!").  I never experienced any cramping nor did I ever feel I wouldn’t make to the bathroom on time (sorry if that's too graphic).  Today Dr. Keith Friedenberg performed the procedures… I had both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy.  Totally painless and I don’t remember a thing.  I learned that colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer in males and fourth in females in the U.S., and one of the most treatable cancers if caught early.  Most colorectal cancers develop from polyps, and polyps can often be removed during the colonoscopy before they become cancerous.  Colon polyps and early cancer can have no symptoms. Therefore regular screening is important.  If you’re over 50, please, please, please get tested. 

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