Unforgiving Rain

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Though it has not rained cats and dogs in the last few weeks, the rains have been steady.  Rain is good for the environment, but in excess causes the problems homeowners dread.  I have constantly reminded my clients and customers to check on their sump pump and walk around their home after a heavy rain to check for potential trouble spots.  Checking the sump pump during the rains is a prudent step as well.


Walking around the house after the rains will give you the satisfaction that your house is and its surroundings are in good shape or will help you to identify potential problems before the next rains.  Here are some of the areas you should monitor during your walk around the house.

  • The condition of the gutters and down spouts – sagging gutters, clogged gutters
  • Swales that allow the water to flow away from the house – especially important for a new home
  • Area wells – to be sure that the drain is open and functioning well.
  • Is the water draining well or staying on the property for more than 48 hours after the rain.
  • Check the siding while you are walking around the house, especially after the wind and rain.

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