RAMBLINGS.................July, 2012

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By:  Diane Sawdon

During one of the shows this past season, American Idol Judge, Steven Tyler, said that “courage is fear that said it’s prayers.”  Well, today I said my prayers, took my vitamins, put on my “big girl” panties and went in search of a new swimming suit.  Now, please take into account that I have not purchased a swim suit since the last century.  Yes, you read that correctly~~the LAST century!  Just ask any woman and they will confirm my belief that trying on new swimsuits has got to be one of the most humiliating acts in which the members of the female population participate.   Granted, I have not participated for many a year, but back in the day, there were two types of swimsuits~~~one piece and two piece.  The tiny two piece suits were bikinis.  I guess that makes three types.  I must remain honest here.  Today’s search was a lesson in swimsuit technology and humility.  Those one piece numbers are still out there, but they have much less fabric than they used to have in the 1900s.  Now, I could choose a Sling Tankini, an Action Tankini, Boy Leg, Boy Shorts, a Swim Dress, or some little wisp of fabric that constituted a bikini.   My body parts are still the same, but with the passage of time, and receiving my Medicare Card, my body has mysteriously realigned itself.  How did this happen?? Where was I when this was taking place??  Looking at my, for lack of a better word, shape, in the three way mirror, made me want to escape the image looking back at me as quickly as possible.  After a lengthly conversation between the nasty little person on my left shoulder who was laughing uproariously, and the voice of reason on my right shoulder, I made my purchase.  Not just one of the new variety of swimsuits, but two!  If I can have blue toe nails, I can sport a Tankini and Boy Shorts.  Rest assured, when out on the kayak, I shall be covered up with a T-shirt and shorts.  The rest of the world may not be ready for all of this high fashion.

It is July~~half of the year is gone.  This past week, a customer at the nursery told me that Christmas is only six months away.  Perish that thought.  I just bought my new swim suits and Summer is in full swing.  The 4th of July is just three days away.  We look forward to a barbeque with good friends and neighbors.  Two days after that, my Roommate and I will be celebrating our 44th Wedding Anniversary!  Where did those years go??  You deserve a Hero Badge, Husband of mine!  I plan to enjoy the season while it is here.  Fall will roll around soon enough, but for now, I shall sport my blue toe nails in the summer sunshine.    Happy 4th of July and Happy Summer~~~ 





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