Investing in Real Estate - Find a Diamond in the Rough

Real Estate Agent with Realnet Tampa Bay

The scale and the magnitude of real estate investment have drastically changed in the past 10 years. Today the opportunity to invest is an option for a successful business opportunity because Real Estate prices have hit the bottom. Knowing how to invest in real estate can be a very successful business venture if you know what you are doing, or if you have a Realnet Associate showing you the way.

Houses are sold for a number of reasons. The owner needs money fast, the mortgage on the house is underwater, or the owners are forced to move. Knowing which house to buy, how to assess its value and how much to negotiate is key in insuring that you will be profitable at the end of the venture. So, first things first, you will need to pay close attention to a few important factors that are very important in real estate investment.

Rule number one – the land that you’re buying may be even more valuable than the construction on top of it. Some houses simply cannot be rehabbed to their original condition under a reasonable budget. You must not only consider the house itself, but also pay attention to the after repair value of the house on the land it sits on.

In order to know how to invest in real estate you first need to know the area where you are investing. Not being aware of the value of property in an area can lead to costly miscalculation regarding how much you spend or how much less you sell the property for. Each of those stats has a negative impact on the amount of profits you gain in the end, so, making sure that you know your investment area is essential.

Other than that, knowing when to distinguish a great deal from a lemon is also crucial when you learn how to invest in real estate. Always be aware that what you see is not always what you get.  You will come across houses that may have hidden damage (such as termites) hidden from visibility.  Whenever in doubt use an inspector to determine the condition of a house, an appraiser to determine the after repair value of a house. Sometimes something as simple as a tree leaning over a house can depreciate that particular property considerably, so it always pays to know the general story as well as the specifics of a construction.