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Wilmore Kentucky Celebrates Independence with its Annual Parade

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My wife Kathy and I packed up the folding chairs, filled the stainless steel thermos with "adventure juice" and headed to Wilmore for the annual 4th of July parade.

Hot, humid and fun parade in Wilmore Kentucky
Well dressed brigade pushes their lawnmowers through the streets of Wilmore.

It takes us about 25 minutes to drive down highway 68 to this small college village that never disappoints.  Asbury College and Seminary are the primary reason for the existence of Wilmore.

The Wilmore Fourth of July parade is enjoyed by my grandchidren.
There are not any children cuter on earth than these watching the Wilmore parade.

The innocence of this parade with local politicians throwing candy, the lawn mower brigade dressed in shorts and ties and the large number of antique tractors rolling down main street always is a joy to watch.

What a wonderful joy to ride on a tractor during the Wilmore Ky parade.
Tactors Galore at the Fourth of July Parade in Wilmore, Ky

Such a small town with its simple little parade and the large numbers of us who trek from Lexington brings back sweet memories of the 4th of July in North Idaho when I was a child in the fifties.

The joyful surprises that come in such a setting always leave Kathy and I with a warm heart and endear us to Central Kentucky in a new way.  We discovered today that a dear from First Alliance Church had been a roommate with our daughter in law at Asbury.  Such connections happen often in Central Kentucky.  It seems like the degrees of separation here are more like three rather than seven.  Whatever they are it certainly is a place where people are well connected.

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