The Myth of Floor Time: Part One

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The Myth of Floor Time  PART ONE
Why Floor Time Is Bad for The Client

Ask any listing agent, "Who is the most qualified person to handle calls about your listing?" and the answer is always the same: "I am." 

Ask a listing client the same question and you're likely to get the same answer - their agent. 

Of course.

Then why do most real estate companies continue the old school practice of "Floor Time," requiring agents to work as unpaid phone receptionists, having non-listing agents handle call-ins (sometimes for properties they've never even seen)?  Why perpetuate a business practice that is not in the best interest of the client?

Because it's easy (albeit lacking in imagination.)  Floor time means never having to say "that agent's not here."  It used to be the case that if someone didn't take the call immediately, the prospect was lost.  But that was before cell phones, texting, and social media.  Now, being available for an "up call" simply means picking up your cell phone.  At least that's what it means at Resources Real Estate.

It's a simple business model and one that means that the most qualified person will take calls about a client's listing.  It's about doing right by the client. It's not about upholding an outdated business model or placating non-producing agents who are not able to generate their own business. 

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Bob Crane
Woodland Management Service / Woodland Real Estate, EXP - Stevens Point, WI
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Hi Thomas, I think that the old model of using floor time to answer questions on listings is automatically falling away.  The main attraction for agents to do floor time these days is for the buyers who stop by the office to look at a batch of houses when they dont already know an agent.

Jul 05, 2012 11:10 PM