Container Gardening

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Need to spice up your yard? Or maybe you are short on space and want to grow your own fresh plants. Well stop dreaming of the day when you move to a home with a larger yard, becuase you can garden with containers!
Container gardening is an easy way to grow veggies, fruits, and herbs. Not only are they east, but they are also very decorative and can help and some pizazz to your yard. Follow these simple steps and you will have a successful container garden!
Plan.Not all plants grow good in containers, so find out which ones do. Also, observe how much sun the spot you are looking to put your containers gets. This will also effect the type of plants you garden.
Water.Just like a normal garden, container gardening requires good soil and good drainage. Ensure that your pots have good drainage. Just enough to allow seepage, but not let soil through. You can drill homes in your container yourself if needs be. And if the holes are too big, then take some mesh or a screen and place it in the bottom to help keep soil in.
Design.Judy Kameon, a landscape designer has some great suggestions of how to design your container garden:
  • Mix plantings of different colors, textures and forms in the same bowl.
  • Create height and privacy with tall planters balanced with shrubs and leafy branches.
  • For pots in strong or bright colors, “think continuity, rather than contrast. Bluish tone succulents for a blue-stripe container or red tones in a red planter,” said Kameon.
  • Going with the succulent trend? Try a succulent with a vertical shape contrasting with a draping plant.
  • Plant herbs in trellis or hanging pots for easy access for summertime cooking or grilling.
Source: Zillow

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