Could Mold Really Be the Problem?

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          On the internet you can read about children, adults, and even pets that have suffered, and some eventually died from exposure to toxic mold in their homes, schools, workplaces, etc.  As I thought about this, I hoped that the people who read this article would take the warnings seriously before heartbreaking predicaments occur that could cause them to lose their health or other truly important things.   Although some of the stories I’ve read seem almost too unlikely to believe, there are many that cannot be discounted.  The danger from mold is a reality, and one that is not a recent one either. In fact, ever since we started living in structures, we started living with mold. The book of Leviticus in the bible even makes references of this lethal decomposer, including methods of cleaning and treating it.  As the methods to prevent it, detect it, and remove it improve, the authentic threat it poses becomes clearer.

          My own brush with mold happened at my home several years ago.  The siding at the lower end of my house became coated with a dingy, dark substance.  It looked like someone had thrown dirt and sand over the yellow strips of siding and left it there.  I did not pay as much attention to it as I should have because I wasn’t feeling well.  I began to have respiratory problems.  I thought it was another bout of bronchitis which I had been prone to my entire life.  I quickly went to the doctor for treatment and faithfully finished the antibiotics he gave me, but my health didn’t improve.  In fact, it grew worse.  He sent me to a specialist who gave me breathing treatments and told me to use my emergency respirator more often. One night as I was lying in bed, worried because the specialist said I may have COPD, I thought about the stuff on the end of the house and wondered if that could be causing my problem.  The very next day I had the house inspected and the mold removed.  I immediately began to feel better.  I have not had bronchitis since, haven’t had to have any more breathing treatments, and haven’t had to use the emergency respirator. 

          If there are any signs of mold in or on your home, I hope that you will have them examined right away.  Take the complaints of your family seriously regardless of your symptoms, or lack thereof.  Different people’s immune systems will react differently to certain strands of mold. If you suspect mold, scheduling an inspection so that you may begin the mold cleanup process as soon as possible should be at the top of your to-do list!

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