The Historic Village of Gold Hill

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A recent visit to The Historic Village of Gold Hill proved to be something I had not expected.  Quite a destination in all actuality.  We felt as though we had not only left our regular lives and entered a new dimension, but we also felt that this place being less than 30 minutes from our Target was more than amazing. The shops are open Thursday through Saturday 11-5:00 and Sunday 1-5.  The restauraunt is also opne until 10:00.  Their website is  A more charming destination could not be found and the event calendar is sweeping. I would be willing to bet a child could easily see 10 things they never knew existed in our history and an adult quite a few as well.  There are more than 17 different locations to look through and at.  All of them demonstrate something about what Gold Hill would have been in the 1800's.  Make it a point to visit soon!


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