Does Your Sump Pump Run All the Time, Sylvania Township, Ohio

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I currenty live in The Legacy, a free standing village in The Village of Forest Lakes.  The subdivisions within the village are Bershire, Waterford, Stoneybrook, Tiffany, and The Legagcy.  My Sump Pump is currently running and to me it  runs more than I think it should.  I have been told that in Sylvania Township where I live, the area has a "high water table".  There are man-made lakes that are in the Village , and I was told they are supposed too help with the high water table.  Also, there are still vacant lots in the Legagcy, and I am told once there are additional villas built that will also help. 

My question to my fellow bloggers, is there a way one can find out if the lakes are helping the situation where I live, or if any water is being "dumped" from the lakes into the ground water table which I am sure is not helping the situation.

Bert Spangenthal

RE/MAX Preferred Associates 

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my sump pump runs all the time ,is that normal

Aug 16, 2010 02:40 PM
Bert Spangenthal
Retired Realtor - Toledo, OH
Let's see what is out my front door.

Hi Rob,

Where do you live?

Aug 18, 2010 11:01 AM