Live Like Today's Your Last Day - Just in Case It Is

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accident, lifeI'VE BEEN READING the news and it has left me with the following feeling: Make sure to take enough time TODAY to do those things really important to you.

It seems too many of us spend too much of our time rushing through the day. We all have so many really important things we need to do before the sun sets. We all have our own lists of what those tasks include.

May I suggest pausing to hug the children, apologize for mistakes made and smell a rose or two. The news reminds me we may not have the time to do it later.

Life is tentative, and it proves it over and again.

Most recently, I am reminded by a small story out of Detroit about a young woman out celebrating her 25th birthday. It seems she was excited and along the way she hugged an off-duty policeman. Unfortunately, when she did, the officer's gun accidentally fired, putting a bullet into her heart. She died at the hospital.

Yes, I know it's not a news flash for someone to die from an accident. But still, the story serves to remind me of just how random those accidents can be and how tentative life is for all of us.

We get so busy rushing through our days we seem to forget sometimes. We shouldn't. It seems sad reminders occur daily.

Here's a few more pieces of recent news that might help you remember the value of just taking a breath or holding a hand:

  • In Utah a four-year-old boy was killed by a falling, six-foot-tall tombstone.
  • An actor playing Judas acidentally hanged himself during a scene of "The Passion of Christ."
  • An elderly woman was strangled to death by an escalator after her clothes got caught in the mechanism.
  • Others have recently died by falling from seats at a baseball game, being trapped in a walk-in cooler and by falling into the Niagara River and being swept over, yup, Niagara Falls.

And that is probably enough morbid news for one day. I just wanted to remind myself and others that sometimes, people who are busy living, abruptly die. Right now, I just feel really lucky to have lived 60 years.

I'm adding a couple of things to today's "To Do" list - just in case. And none of them have a thing to do with work.



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