Thin Client (Network Monitor) Review

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"It"came in. I mentioned how it seemed easy to setup and you wouldn't need a "real" network administrator. Well, you don't. The new unit was up and running in less than ten minutes... really.

Now for the rest of the story...

The ten minutes included the time to open the box, install the software on the host PC, and plugin in the monitor. With this completed, I was able to sit down at the new workstation and use the majority of applications. However, there were two applications that did not work as intended:

  • ScanSnap Manager, and
  • Voyager2


The ScanSnap Manager allows a computer to connect and use the Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanner. This software wouldn't work because, at least this version, is intended to operate with only one computer connected to one ScanSnap scanner. I needed to remove the software from startup to remove an error message that I was receiving. A possible solution for this would be to use Ncomputing's L200, which apparently supports direct connection to USB devices, then connect each terminal directly to the ScanSnap via a USB switch box.


Voyager2 is a desktop MLS application by FNIS. Whenever running, it locks the local database allowing only one person access at a time. The solution, that I hope works, is to use special windows environment variables to give each user access to their own database. I would also need to create a copy of the database for each user. Not very practical for a large group of users. It's doable for three.

Everything else seems to be working dandy. Let me know if you have questions about specific applications. If I have it, I'll check it out for you! 

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