Cozy, Comforting and Functional: The Elements of Bedroom Design

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By Lana Bingham

While other rooms in the house are designated for cooking, dining and lounging with family, the master bedroom focuses mainly on the homeowner’s relaxation and personal space. Design, style, furniture and accessories come together to create an inviting, peaceful and practical area.

Building a Bedroom – The size of the master bedroom will depend largely on how much space is needed to accommodate furniture. Will the home owners be sleeping on a plush California King bed? Do they require a vanity area or window nook seating? Perhaps they want to let in a lot of natural lighting, with rows of large windows and a balcony that overlooks the backyard. Home builders in Tampa must take into consideration what other needs the homeowners may have besides sleeping.

Sleeping in Style – Since the master bedroom is usually shared, it is important to stick to a compromising color palette. Agreeing on a color can be somewhat tricky, which is why many bedrooms stay neutral. New home builders in Tampa recommend maintaining balance by contrasting between light and dark coloring for walls, bedding, window treatments, flooring and furniture. If you are looking to add just a hint of color to your room, throw pillows are a great option. Select pillows that vary in color, size, shape and texture.

Bedtime Stories – The bed is usually the focal point for the entire room, so keep it tidy. Be sure to select the right bedframe for your room’s theme. A hand-carved, four-poster bed creates an elegant atmosphere, while a platform is more contemporary. Take a tip from Goldilocks: A bed’s size, style and mattress comfort are crucial when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. For your bedding, select a material that can withstand your climate. If you can’t seem to let go of your satin sheets and heavy duvet, you may want to invest in temperature controlled bedding. The ChiliPad Mattress Pad can regulate your bed’s coolness throughout the night, proving you comfort while you sleep.

Say Goodbye To Messy Bed Head –An upholstered headboard may make your room look larger and more sophisticated, but those with built-in cabinets, drawers and shelves will provide additional space for random odds and ends. A bench at the end of your bed will also cut down on clutter, giving you extra room for folded laundry, books and blankets.

Hidden Hi-Tech – When it comes to bedrooms, technology can be a gray area. While some opt for big televisions and sound systems, others shy away from the distractions of technology. If you’re conflicted, hide your television in an armoire or have it retract from the ceiling. Wiring and speakers can be easily concealed in the walls or a technology closet.

Now There’s a Bright Idea – Soft romantic lighting is best for the bedroom. Hanging chandeliers, wall scones and table lamps will provide the perfect glow. Many new homes in Tampa Florida have arched recessed openings with ceiling lighting for added ambiance in the master bedroom. Incorporating a dimmer with your bedroom lighting is also a great idea.

When it comes to creating a beautiful bedroom, home builders in Tampa Florida make sure that design, and style reflect the needs of the homeowner. A well-designed and decorated bedroom will not only provide functional space and idyllic style, but it will create a soothing sleep environment.

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