Is it Better to Rent or Buy Your Website?

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What am I talking about? Simply put, are you renting space for your website from a turnkey website service or do you have your own domain with a customized website?

If your site lives on someone else’s domain, your are renting your website and your business is at the mercy of the policies and stability of your landlord. 

What is a turnkey website service?  A company that allows you to create a website on their host, using their themes, and their rehashed content for the cost of a monthly fee.  Such companies that are considered turnkey and therefore landlords are Superlative, Diverse Solutions, and Success Websites.  They own your content which resides in their "building" and should they go out of business, so goes your website and any content you created for your website.

When you build your business on a web presence which is provided by any turnkey website services, your value to the consumer searching for your services on the web will get lost in all the noise on the Internet.  By renting your website you are missing out on the opportunity to build your uniqueness and your reputation.

You really do have to own your website on your own domain in order to be in complete control of your online business and get the most out of online marketing.  

If you have managed to build your business on a turnkey website you don’t own your future … someone else does. 

Why is this risky?  Renting space and building your business on someone else’s land makes you vulnerable to increases in “rent”,  limited access to your content and any other conditions  the “landlord” decides to enforce on its tenants.

Any turnkey website service can falter and go out of business for any number of reasons. You have no control over the success and continuance of your “landlords” business.   And that’s precisely what you risk every day you make your business completely dependent on another company staying in business.

In other words, anyone can create content on sites like Superlative, Diverse Solutions, and even Facebook, but that content effectively belongs to them, not you.

The secret is to spend most of your time and energy building assets that you control.

It’s so much smarter to invest your time, money and energy in setting things up right – on your own hosted account – from the beginning. Your reputation is king, and of all the assets of your business it will take the longest to build.

There are three assets you should be building today, and should continue to focus on for the lifetime of your business:

  1. A well-designed website with your own hosting account.
  2. An opt-in email list, ideally with a high-quality autoresponder.
  3. A reputation for providing impeccable value

These things are the equivalent of buying a building instead of renting.

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your business — don’t put it all at risk by renting instead of buying. 

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Edward & Celia Maddox
The Celtic Connection Realty - Queen Creek, AZ

Some good pros and cons of leasing or buying website.  Thanks for sharing.

Jul 12, 2012 12:12 AM
Randy Ostrander
Lake and Lodge Realty LLC - Big Rapids, MI
Real Estate Broker, Serving Big Rapids and West Central MI

Good morning Diane. I have both and love the no maintenance of the cookie cutter site but I am a fan of going in and writing custom html on my hand built sites. I get more compliments on the hand made ones.

Jul 12, 2012 12:53 AM

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Jul 15, 2012 11:31 PM
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Oct 18, 2012 12:48 PM
Arizona Home Group RE/MAX Excalibur
The Arizona Home Group - Scottsdale, AZ

Give me a call to find out more about having your own website on your own domain. 


Diane Leonte


Oct 18, 2012 01:03 PM

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