Boise 10 yr Home Price History and Forecast

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We all felt the housing peak (2005). We all felt the painful crash (2009). We all felt the slam into the bottom (Jan. 2011). But have we started to feel the comeback yet? What's ahead for the Boise real estate market in 2012-13 and beyond? Using a chart presented in six month increments, we can see the 3% appreciation in home prices between January of 2010 and January of 2012. While this isn't as high as most realtors (and homeowners) would like, it is a healthy gain with more, steady growth anticipated over the next year--especially as foreclosures continue to enter and leave the market at a slower rate. 2013 could see the new median home price climbing back to $170-180,000--a sure sign recovery is happening slowly but surely.
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**Mike Turner is the Founder and CEO of Front Street Brokers, Host of the Boise Real Estate Radio Show, and Editor of the Boise Real Estate Newspaper.  Mike specializes in Luxury Home Sales in Idaho, and is widely known for his comprehensive knowledge of local market trends and opportunities.

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