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A question I get asked all the time is "how can I increase the visibility of my website on the web?".  I want to become known as the expert Realtor with my target audience. When they are ready to buy a home or sell their home I want my name to automatically come to mind. 

The answer may be simpler than you think, but may be a marketing strategy that will intimidate you..... market yourself using Youtube videos and in a very short time you can become known to your target audience as the expert Realtor to go to.

The 5 Best Reasons to use Youtube in your
Marketing Strategy?

It's Free

Let me state first what may be the best reason to build a marketing strategy on YouTube: IT DOESN’T COST YOU ANYTHING. Why do you think so many people upload so much stuff in it? It’s for free, so why not make the best use of this immensely good thing right now? 

It’s Owned by Google

Why is this important?  Simply put,  being owned by the most-used search engine in the world has it's perks. How fast do you think YouTube gets crawled compared to other video-sharing sites?  YouTube has the massive resources that Google commands, so it’s pretty much a fact it will definitely see more up-time than down-time.

It's Viral

YouTube receives more than 120 million US viewers a day.  You want to be where your potential clients are hanging out. Where else can you get this kind of exposure for free?  It the fastest way to become known on the web and needs to be part of your marketing's time.

YouTube marketing for Realtors is fast becoming standard practice, and if you do not have a marketing strategy that includes Youtube videos you are already trailing behind your competitors.

It's Sticky

Add your videos to your website and encourage visitors to "stick" around longer on your website.   A Website is sticky if a visitor tends to stay for a long time and to return.

If you can make your visitor spend more time on your site, they will view more of your content, and be enticed into clicking on your call-to-actions that lead to a phone call to you or an opt-in to your email list. 

The most common stickiness approaches is providing content that the user really wants, and this content can be presented in the form of a video.

Content is King

Content is king and on YouTube, the only true way to be successful is to have content that is worth sharing with others.

Learning how to become "known as the expert" on YouTube isn’t difficult at all, and in fact is quite simple. The major problem with people trying to get noticed on YouTube is deciding what it is they would really like to share with people.

No matter what it is you are sharing, you will need to make sure that people will be interested in what you are saying. People simply love watching videos, but if the video leads nowhere, they will leave disappointed.

YouTube has the potential to take someone from a-nobody, to an expert in no-time flat. It can also be a tool that deflates a person in many ways when people find the videos you are sharing are less than interesting and quite boring.

What would your target audience be interested in?

  • Videos about  their community, including restaurants, events, local business openings.
  • Virtual Tours of your listings
  • Market Analysis updates
  • Comments on Mortgage rates
  • Comments on breaking news in the housing community
  • Why to use a Realtor when buying a new home,/span>
  • Buyers Tips
  • Sellers Tips
  • Why buy instead of rent

Get the idea?

 Build Your Personal Brand

Aside from the popularity of YouTube, it exploits the most powerful personal branding medium of them all, video.

The reason why video is so effective in communicating your personal brand is because your audience will already feel like they’ve met you by the time the video is over.  With video, you get a sense of who someone really is based on their voice, their face and their body motions.  Video can support your branding efforts like no other medium on the web.

In order to build your personal brand on YouTube, you have to decide how you want to position yourself.  If you already have a brand (such as “Best Realtor in Northeast Valley”), then carry it over onto your YouTube channel to make it consistent with your Facebook fan page, Activerain Blog, Twitter and LinkedIn.  

Now that have presented your audience or future audience with a legitimate profile  on YouTube, you’re ready to start developing videos that will put your personal brand  in the spotlight, while helping you build your business.
Your YouTube channel can become a very important asset to your persona brand., one that provides your authentic voice and appearance like nothing else can.

Promote Your Youtube Videos

Embed your videos on your website.  You can embed one or more videos from YouTube on your website.  YouTube embedded videos give you options, such as a border, different size arrangements and a variety of colors.

Use the YouTube Video Box Application on Facebook, you can add your videos automatically on your profile page or your Facebook Fan Page.  This is a great way to give each of your videos additional visibility without additional labor.

Add Videos to your blog. Youtube allows you to turn on a feature that will enable you to post your videos on your blog directly in just a few simple clicks.

Link to your Youtube channel or videos in your email newsletter.

The more links you have to a video, the higher it will rank when keywords are searching in YouTube or in Google.  Also, more links typically means more traffic to your videos, which helps build your personal brand.  

YouTube isn’t going anywhere.  It’s one of the most trafficked websites in the world and it’s a great marketing strategy to get the visibility your are wanting to achieve.  Even though many of your videos might not get 100,000 views, the important thing is that you can leverage that video content and share it on all of your online platforms. 

So there you have it, now you have the secret marketing strategy you have been looking for to increase your visibility on the web.

If you are saying to yourself, that sounds great but I don't have the time or know-how...think about all the videos you have watched or that have become popular, how many people on those videos were polished videographers or professional speakers? 

Get over the fear and intimidation. Do your research and I guarantee that once you have made your first few videos you will find it easier, less time consuming and much more effective than any other marketing strategy you are using to increase your visibility on the web.

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Diana Foster
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Great ideas on using YouTube. Had not thought about doing this. Thanks for posting.

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