Agents’-Eye View of Concord Luxury Homes

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“Luxury” is one of those hot/cold words. Although in some connections, it can bring images of excess and self-indulgence, for the most part, it’s an appealing term. It makes you think of being pampered, treated with courtesy and respect – all in all: the way we all deserve! In real estate, it means ‘quality.’ 


According to the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, approximately 6% of buyers wind up purchasing what are classified as “luxury homes”. Prices vary dramatically throughout the country, but Concord luxury homes are generally considered to be any listing whose price falls within the top 10%.  


No matter what the price point, to be successful, luxury homes must be marketed to appeal to the limited pool of Concord buyers of luxury homes. When your own property falls into this category, you become a partner in the marketing team that will be reaching out to tap that target group. It helps to know some of the approaches top agents commonly use to prepare:


1. Get to Know Your Home, Inside and Out.

Agents make meticulous notes about every unique aspect of the property. These notes will prove useful for tours, as well as for creating listing descriptions. It may be the basis for an "amenity booklet" with irresistible pictures and details about the home.


2. Make Extensive Use of Professional Imagery.

A single picture says at least a thousand words (give or take), especially when it comes to luxury homebuyers. Professional images and video that captures the essence of a home are powerful tools to draw potential buyers. Weather can be a strong influence on the impression a property makes during a home tour, but you can’t control the weather – except for the way it adds to the appeal of a property when you choose a perfect day (and time of day) for its “portrait.” 


3. Place Your Ads Carefully.

When it comes to luxury homes, it's important to reach the right people. It is less likely a prospective buyer will see your ad in an ordinary listing than in one read by a higher-end readership. In ad-speak, demographic targeting pays off when it comes to selling luxury homes.


Of course, there it takes a host of details to set those three basic approaches into action  – and all of them are valuable in helping you sail through the luxury home-selling process. If you anticipate beginning your own luxury home sale this summer, your best bet is to team with a Concord agent experienced in property-specific marketing.  I’m here anytime to discuss your options!


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Great information on luxury homes in Concord MA.

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