Video killed the newspaper star! ADIOS Sunday Open House section!

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Every 1 of my listings has a YouTube Video that goes with the listing. It is shot like I am walking you through an Open House on a Sunday afternoon, but instead you are sitting with your tablet or watching on your phone.

Because every video IP is captured AND the fact that I send most traffic through mywebsite, I capture any potential customers but the real pay off comes in the showing side.

By putting the QR code for the video, at my site, on the flyer in front of the home, a prospective buyer can sit and watch the video and determine if they want to take the next step...scheduling an showing,
At that point you have them in the candy store all you have to do is sell them the candy!

Now let's say they watch the video and do not like the layout of the home. Don't fret though!
A couple of great things still happen.

1st - Your awesome clients MR & MRs Seller did not have to pack up the kids and dogs and leave the home for a showing with a buyer who is NOT going to buy the home. (layout or whatever the objection may be.)

2nd - I have their email and IP address and can contact them about other properties they may be interested in and hopefuly become their buyer's agent.

I recently made a video of the Fox Den Country Club in Farragut TN's Fireworks show 2012 in its entirity, Why? Because I have a home listed on the 18th Hole & Pond 300 ft from the launchpad.
After a few cool points in the fireworks a pop-up appears and says "this could be your seat next 4th of July" and other tidbits.
I have another showing tomorrow and this will sell this quick!

Video killed the newspaper star!

One thing to remember when doing this, at least in TN, you nust have all your disclaimers, office info, and whatever misc requirements you may have in your print advertising.

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Richard Harbin
Century21 AAIM - Knoxville, TN

The YouTube Video editor works nice!

Jul 17, 2012 11:32 AM