"Nothing Is Ever Good Or Bad, EXCEPT By Comparison."

Home Builder with Javic Homes

By Jon Solomon

Simply a great quote that I have to give credit for it to Bud Selig, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

There are just so many ways to apply this quote. It is just SO true.

In my younger days, I was a future baseball prospect until I started to compete against kids with stronger arms that could also hit better than I did.

This morning, the coffee I made at home would have been fine, IF I didn't compare it to the Jamaican coffee at Pinky’s that I think is amazing.

So it shouldn't surprise you that I am shocked when I hear about homeowners who decide to build a home with someone without talking to other builders. That builder may have been your childhood friend and the best man in your wedding, but how do you know if they are good or bad without comparing them to other builders?

I realize it takes some time to compare. It's not like there is a “Consumer Reports” for custom builders. Plus, what may be important to you, may not be important to others. In spite of the time investment, it's time well spent. So here is our suggested method to do this comparison.

1) Get the names of a few home builders in Tampa Florida. Ask friends for references and do some online searching. Any more than 1 and you're comparing but shoot for a minimum of 3.

2) Meet with each and interview them. Our Tampa Bay Custom Home Planning Guide has a list of questions that you can ask each builder and their references. Definitely speak to their past customers.

3) Get proposals from each builder. Compare them and get the builders to update them to meet your requirements and be comparable or apples-to-apples.

4) Now you've compared the builders and their proposals. Here comes the tough part - selecting one.

Hopefully the good one stands out by comparison now.

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