Yes, Your Kitty is Cute But Still a Distraction!

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Randy posted a great blog about a showing that involved the owners pet cat...  Pets are a distraction I think we can all relate to this case scenario...  Thanks for Sharing Randy.

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Yes, Your Kitty is Cute But Still a Distraction. We have all shown the house that had the adorable pet that stayed during the showing simply because it wasn't mean so why move it. Someitmes no matter how much we beg and plead sellers don't get the whole "Distraction" thing. Basically if my Buyer is looking at you cudley pet, they are NOT looking at your house. Soooo....if you are selling pets, Nice Job!!!! but if you are selling a home in a tough market, You blew it!.

Case in point. I showed three cottages to clients a couple weeks ago. The last house had an adorable kitten. It would follow us around and my buyer could not stop playing with it. Once we got back to the office to go over our showings and device a plan to continue, I asked how she had liked the hot tub in the third house? She looked at me like a deer in headlights and said "there was a hot tub?" Yes, we stood next to it while you....wait for it....PLAYED WITH THE KITTEN!. Of course if she hadn't noticed the hot tub she had missed out on the vaulted ceilings and the sunporch overlooking the lake. We ended up writing an offer on the second cottage we seen. I offered to take them back through number three but time was an issue so we wrote and offer on number two.

My point is. Not all distractions are aggressive dogs. If you are selling your home you really need to make it as distraction free as possible. I have had comments on previous posts reguarding pets like "why should I have to remove the pet, it's your job to sell the house?" and "it is too much trauma for my little dog to be removed from his home for a showing". Yes, both of those homes are still for sale. Now being market worn they will be for a while. Bottom line is if you want to sell you pets, show them off but if you want to sell your home take them with you when you leave for showings. \

Here's the Test. Did you read this entire post without looking at the pets? Of course not.  Did you? By the way I LOVE PETS!!!! and Yes, Your Kitty is Cute But Still a Distraction!


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