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Toronto is an ever-changing real estate market that is full of diversity for all types of homebuyers.  Downtown is great for those who love the excitement and the urban vibe of a downtown setting, while houses that are in East End Toronto are some of the most affordable in the area.  For those with families, there is maybe no better place to live in Toronto than North York.  Though this is where some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Toronto, there are also great houses for sale in North York that are affordable for all buyers.  For an easy breakdown of what to expect from the different neighbourhoods in North York, keep reading below.

Easily one of the most expensive areas in all of Toronto is Bridle Path.  This is the best place to find a mansion for sale in Toronto, with the cheapest house in the neighborhood currently on the market being priced at more than $2.5 million.  There are also rental homes in Bridle Path, currently priced at at $3,000 per month and $11,000 per month.  Homes in the neighborhood typically include fine luxuries like tennis courts, home gyms, and in-home entertainment theaters.  The village center is York Mills Plaza, home to gourmet shops and other boutiques that cannot be found in other areas.

Henry Farms is another very family-friendly neighbourhood in North York.  The area is known for its homes with large lots in North York and for its spectacular landscaping.  With a large number of the homes overlooking the Don River Valley, the views from these homes cannot be beat.  Residents of this great neighbourhood are very proud and involved in their community.

Other popular neighbourhoods are the custom homes in Willowdale, Victoria Park homes that back up to the valley, and ravine lots in Don Mills.  These homes all offer peaceful retreats in neighbourhoods packed with young families with kids.  See more Toronto neighbourhoods.

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