Interior Paint Selections: Colors That Will Make You Hungry

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By Lana Bingham

This week celebrates National Junk Food Day! Rather than munching on high-fat, carb concentrated, sweet sugary snacks, why not paint your walls a delicious color instead? New homes in Tampa Bay can celebrate with “food themed” paint colors. Just try not to lick your walls until the paint dries.

Buttercream – Sweet teeth beware! This light color resembles a freshly baked frosted cake. Surprisingly enough, it looks great in the kitchen. Using Sherwin Williams “Belvedere Cream” or “Banana Cream” in the kitchen will appeal to your culinary senses. Other essentials you may want in your kitchen include “White Flour” or “Lemon Chiffon.”

Coffee Beans – Now coffee may not classify as “junk food” but with all those added sweeteners and creams, it can’t be considered healthy. Shades of coffee brown work excellent in any room of the house, and home builders in Tampa Florida see a great deal of it in Mediterranean style homes. For the perfect Latte, combine “Turkish Coffee” with a “Steamed Milk” trim and light flooring. Whatever you do, just don't spill coffee on your light colored carpet. For a non-caffeinated alternative, try “Hot Cocoa.”

Croissant – Although the French are known for being thin, this bakery item can go straight to your buns. A warm flaky "Croissant" pairs best with melted butter on top. Use this light neutral color with “Butter Up” for a comforting atmosphere. Or you could substitute a “Bagel” with cream cheese.

Candy Apples–A Halloween holiday favorite - a healthy apple on stick, smothered in a gooey candy shell. This sticky treat has been given a bad rep by dentists, having been said to “pull your fillings out”. This color choice can work well in small doses, however a darker red, such as, “Crabby Apples” may be a better option.

Milk Shakes –These freezing cold, calorie packed ice-cream drinks come in all sorts of flavors, with nearly every fast-food chain carrying some type of variety. In your home, mix up “Malted Milk” “French Vanilla” and “Dutch Cocoa” for the ultimate combination.

Mojitos –The recipe for this high-calorie, classic cocktail can also create the perfect color combination in the bathroom. The contrast between the dark “Muddled Herbs” with the invigorating “Lime” and light “Sugar” is almost as refreshing as the beverage itself. Just don’t forget to add the club soda and “Ice Cubes.” Looking for something a little less colorful? Try "Champagne."

Selecting paint choices for your custom home can be “deliciously” exciting with so many options to choose from. When building a custom home, choose a home builder Tampa that provides selection assistance from a design professional so that you can be sure to coordinate paint colors with style and design elements. If interested in learning more about the process of selecting finishes for your custom home, visit our design center.

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