We're Still Proud to Live in Aurora, Colorado

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We're still reeling from the event that is plastered on every television screen in the nation. It's hard to believe that something so senseless and violent could happen anywhere, let alone in our city. There is much to grieve for. But even in this dark time, there are some things we are thankful for.

We're told that police responded to the theater within 90 seconds of receiving the call. One of the first to arrive was our friend and neighbor, Lt. Jad Lanigan. He was only an intersection away in his cruiser.

He was also the Watch Commander that night. That means he was calling the shots and making the split-second decisions. It's his voice you've heard on the news, calling for gas masks, ambulances, and backup.

We're thankful that he was so close. We're thankful that James Holmes didn't put up a fight. With all the defensive gear he was outfitted in and all the firepower he had, I imagine he could have waged a lengthy gun battle with police, and we'd likely have lost even more lives.

We're thankful that the FBI has made it into the apartment without any explosions. We're thankful that with 71 people injured in the attack that there weren't more fatalities.

It's an awful thing that has happened. But it could have happened anywhere. We don't believe the actions of one madman say anything about our community as a whole. Aurora is a large city: the third largest in Colorado. There are nice areas and there are not-so-nice areas. But at a time like this, we can all come together and support one another.

That's the opportunity we are presented with now. We believe Aurora will pull through.



Yolanda Cordova-Gilbert
Richmond, TX

Marty & Jaclyn,

                       What happened in Aurora is in now way a reflection on your community. My heart goes out to all the victims! I was thinking how well the police had responded I was watching it today while I was working out. I thought how calm the person sounded and how it sounded they must have drilled and drilled for it especially as I know Columbine was close. I knew the person that was the 1st res ponder there; he was kept out of the news because he was in the back checking out the scene and calling for back up! Our prayers are with you and your community as well as the victims and their families.

Jul 21, 2012 08:20 AM
Shannon Milligan, Richmond VA Real Estate Agent/Associate Broker
RVA Home Team - Richmond, VA
RVA Home Team - Winning with Integrity.

You are lucky to have such great responders in your community of Aurora and a community which will pull together and get through this. Here it to hope and peace!

Jul 30, 2012 01:38 AM
Marty & Jaclyn Reiswig
GoodFit Homes (with Keller Williams) - Centennial, CO
Specialty: First-timers

Thank you, Yolanda and Shannon. It's been heartwarming to see our community pull together, and to see people from around the world donate to help the victims.

Jul 30, 2012 02:04 AM

Gregory Medekc's wife Rena told me her daughter Micayla was not in her coffin at tyhe funeral.

She was yelling asking me where they all are. There was no shooting. Nobody reported seeing any of their loved ones bodys. Lt. Jad Lanigan instructed all technicians at the Aurora police department on Easy Alameda Street to hang up the phones on all of my calls to them. 

Nov 25, 2012 11:48 AM