Boston Landlords -Why you Should Hire an Agent to Fill Your Vacancy

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After receiving my third telephone call from homeowners who have a vacant unit or an upcoming vacant unit, who initially did not want the assistance of an agent to rent their unit, I would never say "I told you so", but the 3 owners who contacted me, did say it! 

I had to ask them what made them change their mind and have me assist them in finding tenants for them.  The answers were unanimous, the top reasons Boston Landlords hired me are:

Boston Landlords -Why you should hire an agent to fill your vacancy

  1. The 100+ calls per day that many homeowners do not have the time to sift through and after a day or so, they did not want to. 
  2. Screening prospective tenants - How will you know if your only day or two off will be spent showing your vacant unit to people who are just window shopping?  As agents, we thoroughly screen prospective tenants as we do not want to be just tour guides either!  We get paid on commission, therefore we want to work with those who are ready to rent with checkbook in hand at the time of showing.
  3. An agent will provide you with as much information about the applicant that can be found!  This will incude credit checks, landlord references, employment verification.
  4. Leases will be prepared with all legal provisions a homeowner would like.  I've seen quite a few leases with things scratched out, you name it!
  5. You have to do nothing!  Just have a chat with your agent, a honest, good agent will treat your property as if it were their own, therefore introducing you only to applicants that are truly qualified.
  6. Why wouldn't you use an agent?  Many will offer all of the services above at absolutely NO FEE to you whatsoever!  With the lowest vacancy rate in 10 years, qualified renters are willing to pay the brokers' fee for a great property and a great landlord, especially since they've probably seen everything except what they really want!

The list could go on and on, but these are the top reasons Boston Landlords should hire an agent!


Boston Landlords -Why you Should Hir an Agent to Fill your Vacancy  Please contact me if I can assist you with your vacancy in Boston/South Shore!

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