Do not pick a real estate agent by "default"

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So often consumers feel like agents are not helpful in the real estate buying process, but only slow it down. They do have a point, as some agents do not service their clients well, and even make them feel that they are being to picky, or taking too long to make a buying decision. Well, in addition to that issue, is another more weighty issue. Most people truly need a strong Agent when they sell or purchase a home. The reason "why" to that question is better to be addressed in another blog entry, but it is an overview of the logic is simple: Do consumers want discount pilots to fly their planes, how about a convenient surgeon? Not all agents make all transactions go better, or smoother, but knowing how and what to do if difficulties arise, is priceless....

OK - Enough of that, on to the subject at hand - When making large buying or selling decisions it is vitally important that you choose a Realtor, that not only has some relevant experience, but also puts you at ease. Here are a few thoughts to help that process?

  • Is this agent active in the community (Church, School/Parent Boards, or even Community Action)
  • Does this agent have a strong grasp of the current marketplace, in regards to mortgage products and financing techniques?
  • How do you feel when they are talking with you? Do you feel heard or do you feel like they are talking down to you, or not paying attention to your needs?
  • Do you feel as if they are just telling you what you want to hear, and not their honest opinion?

Here is the point, ladies and gentlemen - If you are uncomfortable at the beginning of the process with who you are working with, you will most likely be much more uncomfortable by the end of the process.

So choose your Realtor carefully, whether you live in a small condominium in the city, a split level in a suburb, or even a million dollar home on the lake! - You deserve the best, as YOU are the boss!


Blessed to Serve,

Stieg Strand


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