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An open mind was given to man by our creator.  Yet there are many days that go by and most of us are trying to figure out why the struggle, why the issues which we face in life.  Yet GOD said let there be light and from darkness light became.  Each of us has the ability to create wealth with little or no hard work.  But still we struggle to understand the little secrets which the world we live in has to offer.  There is so much information available to us today but rather than educate our selves and let GOD guide us we turn to gossip, jealousy and hate.  Let's face it not every day will be a glorious day in our lives, as we all have issues to deal with daily.  But the focus of this blog is to get people involved in the reality of life. 

 Have you ever heard the expressions (you are what you think) (what goes around comes around)

Imagine yourself feeling envy toward another human being, it is bound to come back your way.  The question is when?  It's happening right now to most people.  Let's begin this year by treating one another with respect and love.  Love your enemies and you will be amazed at the end result.  Shift your satellite of thought and spend time planning your work with GOD and he will open doors poor you blessings beyong your wildest dreams.  You may feel overwhelm with family issues, financial difficulties, health issues but there is a powerful GOD who is constantly watching you, and if you would take a few minutes a day to ask him to come near he will. 

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Lori Jo Jamieson
Clear Stream Consulting, LLC - Haddonfield, NJ

God is good - only we want God to be good to us on OUR terms and on our time!

 It's a blessing to have found activerain - and this group.

 Lori Jo

Feb 03, 2008 11:07 AM