100 Percent Financing – For First Time Home Buyers

Real Estate Agent

A good 100 percent financing program that all first time home buyers can qualify for has been a long time waiting. At Loudoun County Living we have been working closely with our lending partner to be the first to bring the market this new 100 percent financing program to the Northern Virginia first time home buyers. Unlike USDA Rural Housing 100 percent financing this new program is not restricted by geographical areas. It is applicable everywhere and you do not have to wait three months to get the loan approved. You do not have to be a military veteran as with the VA loan program.

This loan program is a conventional 100 percent financed loan.

·         Credit score of 680 plus equals $0 down

·         Maximum household income of $87,500 equals $0 down

·         Maximum mortgage of $417,000

·         And NO PMI. WOW!


If you would like more information on how to buy a home with no money down using this program, please contact Loudoun County Living LLC.


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