So What’s Wrong with Socialism? (Part 1) Jose Borrajero from Cuba

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The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity Foundation has named José Borrajero as its 2012 Grassroots Activist of the Year. José is a leader of the Rapid Response Team, which is part of the Arizona 2012 Project and the Arizona Freedom Alliance. The Rapid Response Team uses social media to quickly organize grassroots support for tea party legislation moving through the Arizona Legislature. 
Here is an interview that Jose did with Brad Zinn:

In this three-part series, WFP’s Brad Zinn interviews three naturalized US citizens who lived under socialist/communist regimes and can describe first-hand what it’s like.

Americans who think socialism sounds like a good way to achieve “social justice” would do well to listen to all three interviews.  And Americans who have come to take freedom for granted would benefit from these poignant reminders of how easily freedom can slip away under a socialistic/communistic regime.

In this first of three parts, Mr. José Borrajero, Rapid Response Team Leader for the Arizona 2012 Project, describes life under Castro’s Cuba and his family’s escape to the United States. No one is more American than a naturalized American citizen who himself or herself escaped from tyranny to live in freedom.


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Than Maynard
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They don't want to hear reality. They want to hear about how it work in a perfect society. Socialism might be a good idea IF people were inherently honest, but there are always those that know better and deserve to live better.

Jul 28, 2012 07:30 AM
John Mosier
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Than -- Did you watch the VIDEO?  It is well worth the time to watch. Brad Zinn is a magician and a conservative hero here in Arizona.

Jul 28, 2012 07:49 AM
Jason Sardi
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The idea of a Conservative Hero is as much of an oxymoron to me is a Liberal Hero, John.  I want a human being.

With the $$$ the executives and companies are making right now under Obama, he's so far off from legitly being a Socialist.  I dig that and we'll see how 2012 plays out.  I'd love to see Tax Reform, Tort Reform, Lobbyist Reform (including the NRA), continuing the Health Care Reform, etc.  Read a great article in The Economist this week on the far left and the far right and how both Candidates play into them.  We'll never live in that perfect world.  But until we do ... I want somebody who is Pragmatic.

Jul 28, 2012 01:21 PM
John Mosier
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Jason:  Did you watch the VIDEO?  You are right about the executives and big international companies getting rich off the government. See my blog post regarding cronyism.

If you don't think Obama is a Socialist, read about Frank Marshall Davis. He was the most influential "father figure" in Obama's upbringing.

Jul 29, 2012 04:24 AM