Harford County Farm Fair

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On Sunday, Mary and I decided to attend the Harford County Farm Fair, it was lucky we even knew abuot it as unlike years past, this year was not really advertised well.  So we park at an off site parking lot and I got to ride a school bus which brought back some memories far and away.  After a short bus ride, we were dropped off at the gate and paid our $8.00 to enter.

The first exhibits were the crafts, and it was great to see that a lot of people from the local 4H designed some great crafts.  I especially liked the quilts as this again brought back some memories of my grandmother spending hours in making a quilt for our bed to keep us warm at night.  It would have been nice had we the chance to buy one as there were many that I really liked. There were other items that were on display, a lot of garden items like squash, cucumbers, and other vegtables.

We continued on to the live stock area and see a variety of cows, ducks, chickens, pigs, horses and donkeys.  For lunch, we had pit beef which was really tasty and french fries which had too much grease with ice tea.  Overall, the farm fair was good but I think they really need to do what they usually do and make sure it is better advertised.

Gary Nelson, REALTOR

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