Chase Bank Launches New Short Sale Program in Los Angeles

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Lets face it, aot of us where late to the reo game.  Those that got into reo before the real estate crash have been handsomly rewarded.  Looking for the next trend?  Well here it is...

Has anyone noticed in the last few months besides me that REO inventory has been shrinking?  National lenders are shifting gears out of foreclosing and into a more cost-effective approach, short sales.  Chase Bank is the first national bank to launch a pilot program starting in Los Angeles county and expanding from there.  

Matt Pernice and team has been invited by Chase to participate in this new program because of our REO history will Chase for the last 5 years.  Our firm specializes in selling real estate in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. Chase Bank has over 12,000 short sales ready to go from in LA county alone.  

What does this mean for you?  

Those with short sale experience, a short sale certification, and 3 short sale closing can apply.  Chase bank only has 150 agents to handle 12,000 customers, I like those odds.

Find my rent blog post on Chase's new Short Sale Program to apply.

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