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Recently I spoke to 3000 Remax real estate agents and began by asking, "What's the most important attribute for selling a house" and almost all said, "Location location, location."  Their all wrong!  The most important attribute for selling a house, or getting a listing for that matter, is EI, EI, EI,---that's short for emotional intelligence and when you develop and apply yours, you are on your way for becoming a success.

Consider: When you are an Emotionally Intelligent Real Estate Agent (EIRA) you come to work each day with positive attitudes ready to increase your bottom line and make a huge difference in the lives of your clients.  You find it easier to manage your emotions, enabling you to stay motivated in difficult times, bounce back fster from setbacks, andincrease your results-oriented behavior.  While other struggle to get listings, attract and keep clients, you enhance and develop your client relationships by communicating your ideas more effectively, repsonding productively to your client's criticisms, and are adept at retaining and handling emotionally aroused clients especially in times of volatile markets.  You leave work feeling energized and productive, with lots of positive anticipation for the next day, irrespective of whether the market is stagnant dropping,, or improving.

Become a faithful reader of my blog and I will provide you the tips, skills, and strategies that will help you become an Emotionally Intelligent Real Estate Agent (the title of my book) so that you can increase your bottom line.

For now, I would like to hear your most difficult client examples, troubles in the office and I will help you respond more effectively.  I will help you become an Emotionally Intelligent Real Estate Agent.

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Mark Loewenberg
KW of the Palm Beaches - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
KW 561-214-0370

and finding ei buyers as well, or at least buyers that use their emotions to purchase a home

Aug 02, 2012 05:34 AM
hendrie weisinger
Manhattan, NY

yes, that is possible but you have to be careful not to take advantage of the person's emotional state.  If for example, the buyer is anxious (uncertain), it is helpful if you can help the buyer resolve what he or sheis uncertain about-price, location-so that he or she can buy or move on.  However, to make the buyer even more anxious so that he or she rushes into a choice that is then regretted would not be applying EI but manipulative.

Aug 02, 2012 11:12 AM
Todd Clark - Retired
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon

Welcome to Activerain and I hope you are learning a lot and if you ever need any assistance, don't hesitate to check out my blog, email me, call me, I will be glad to help you in any way possible. Also, check out the main page of Activerain and look for the Activerain University tab, there are lots of educational webinars to help you build your business.

Aug 03, 2012 03:20 PM