First Client Meeting---Don't Choke!!!

Real Estate Agent

Meeting a client for the first time to obtain a listing can be a pressure situation and many real estate agents "choke"---they forget to mention key points about themselves, fail to ask questions they have prepared, and mix up their facts.  This is true eventhough they have practiced their pitch dozens of times.

You can prevent yourself from "choking"---doing below your proven capability when you need to do your best--by immediately reducing the pressure with your internal thoughts.  For example, "This is one of man y chances.  If I don't get this listing, there will be hundreds of other opportunities."

The fact is, when we think of an event as being very important or as a singular opportunity, we increase psychological pressure which impededs our perforance by causing us to choke in the moment.  Thus, your anti-choking strategy is counter intuitive: minimize the importance of the meeting and reind yourself you will have multiple opportunitites to get other listings.

For more tips and strategies on how to do your best when it counts the most, read The Emotionally Intelligent Real Estate Agent.  It will help you increase your listings, essential to your success!!!

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