As we all hide away in our cars, houses, offices with the A/C cranking or your favorite beach or pool trying to avoid the record high thermometer readings, buyers and sellers both are battling one HOT real estate market in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton Counties.  

Over the last few months we have been blowing away the average sales prices from last year and in most cases from last month. Summer is typically our busiest time but seeing prices climb and buyers compete for the "Good" deals is a daily battle. Listings that have been sitting for months or even years in some cases are getting swooped up. 

Based on the number of Sold houses per month so far this year and what is currently listed our inventory is down to:

  • INGHAM County  - 6.50 Months of Inventory
  • EATON County     - 6.81 Months of Inventory
  • CLINTON County - 7.22 Months of Inventory

​So if you have a friend or neighbor, brother or sister that is looking to "Steal" a great deal, they'd better be ready to wage war because inventory is low and interest rates seem to keep dropping. There are a lot of buyers in the market and still some phenomenal prices but right now is the time. We are still seeing plenty of foreclosures and short sales so if you are a traditional seller looking to get in the game don't wait too long the time to sell is NOW!