Year End Market Watch for Fairway Estates for 2007

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Since moving to Fairway Estates, I've been involved in the sale of 171 homes. No one else comes close...NO ONE. I do not say this to "impress" you but rather to impress upon you the incredible success home sellers have experienced using the Ed Savard Home Selling System. It's a fact that the systems, secrets and knowledge I use not only sells more homes in Fairway Estates for MORE money $$$ but I also sell them in LESS time than any other agent!

What that means to you is that when you list your home with my Team it is far more likely to sell and far more likely to sell for more money and in a much much shorter time. We will continue with this difficult market for some time to come. This is another reason that if you are selling your Fairway Estates home, you need and agent that can get your home sold not merely put a sign on your lawn. That agent is me. Below is the Market Watch for the year end of 2007.


 With 1528 sales of single family residential homes in the Greater Daytona Area (MLS sales as reported by the local real estate board Dec.31st, 2007, areas 11-48) compared to 1990 sales for 2006, there was a DECREASE of 23.32% in the number of homes sold. The average sale price decreased from $290,634 in 2006 to $277,153 in 2007. This represents an decrease of 4.64%. The average time to sell increased from 90 days in 2006 to 114 days in 2007.

20 homes sold in FAIRWAY ESTATES in 2007 compared to 18 in 2006. The average sales price for 2007 was $186,835 compared to $196,175 in 2006 or a decrease of 4.76%. The lowest selling price for 2007 was $155,000 and highest selling price was $210,000.

Of the 20 homes sold in Fairway Estates,11 were sold by Ed Savard (see enclosed bar chart). Homes listed by Ed Savard in Fairway Estates in 2007 sold for an average of 95.83% of the asking price in an average of just 29.6 days. Homes sold by other agents sold for an average of 92.45% of the asking price and took an average of 107.1 days to sell.

In other words, homes listed with ED SAVARD SOLD for an average of 3.38% MORE than homes sold by other agents. On a $200,000 home that's $6,760 MORE than homes listed by other agents. Homes listed by other agents took more than three times as long to sell (if they sold at all) than homes listed by Ed Savard!

Does living in Fairway Estates and over 31 years of real estate experience contribute to the continued success Ed gets for his Fairway Estates home sellers and buyers, YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR and in all kinds of markets???...the answer is YES! Ed Savard and his family live at 700 Sunview Place (the bottom of Golfview). More and more people continue to discover that Fairway Estates homes sell and sell faster and for more money (in good and bad markets) when listed with:

Ed SAVARD and his TEAM.

Selling your Fairway Estates home, call Ed Savard for a "NO OBLIGATION, NO PRESSURE meeting... you'll be glad you did... IT'S GUARANTEED!

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