Well the summer feels like it is the home stretch and things are still going strong. The Robert Dowding Group continues to look for more new listings every day as our inventory is down and houses are selling. As I watch the Olympics and see some amazing performances from across the World lets see how Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties shaped up.

All three counties were down in average sales price from June as we had a huge pike up in June as it is a traditionally very busy month with a lot of competition for houses. When looking at the numbers overall though we are up across the board from the 2011 and year to date average sales prices.

  • GOLD Medal  -  Clinton County - Highest average and most consistent so far this year. 
  • SILVER Medal  -  Eaton County - Just squeaked out the Silver over Ingham County.
  • BRONZE Medal  -  Ingham County - Least consistent but showing good improvement. 

Overall a strong showing, things settled down a little after a crazy June but sales and sale prices are still trending upward and interest rates are still going down. I will have a guest post from a local Loan Officer later this week discussing the current mortgage market and rates that we've seen dip below 4% in some cases on a 30 yr. 

As always if you would like more information on a specific area of interest be sure to let us know and we will provide you a full report. Knowing the numbers and understanding them will help you make an informed decision about your real estate needs. 

Keep us in mind when real estate is the topic of conversation.

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